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blog dedicato principalmente a dorama, stageplay & musical. ma anche a scleri.

: sara, 3rd june, italian .
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prima o poi metterò qualcosa

recent update :
Q&A Wada Masanari da Otomedia Sutemyu (Stage & Musical) 2.5 Jigen Butai & Musical BOOK VOL.4 (Ottobre 2016)
written on venerdì 25 novembre 2016 @ novembre 25, 2016 ✈

Q1: What was in your mind when your appearance was decided?
A1: I was so excited that I was trembling all the time.

Q2: What are you going to pay special attention to in perfecting your role?
A2: How much I can love myself. And loving Karamatsu more than anyone.

Q3: Did you see the animation? Which was your favorite episode?
A3: "Juuyshimatsu in Love"
 (9° episode). I felt sorrow when I saw it for the first time and I could not recover for a while.

  • Which is your favourite character in Osomatsu-san?
  • A4: 
  • At first it was Juuyshimatsu. I love his honesty to himself and his frank way of living.  But now of course it is Karasumatsu.

Q5: What is your idea of "Ideal handsome"
A5: The "
Lady First" type. He can afford it at any time.

Q6: Finally, show us your enthusiasm about this project!
A6: "Osomatsu-san" who is loved by everyone is made in a stage play. We would like to embrace these feelings more than anyone. I love this company and my work, and I want to embody the world of "Osomatsu-san" by working hard. Please take this step together with us in the theater.

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