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blog dedicato principalmente a dorama, stageplay & musical. ma anche a scleri.

: sara, 3rd june, italian .
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[Translation] Akazawa Ryotaro Blog Entry "One year of gratitude" (2016-12-16)
written on venerdì 16 dicembre 2016 @ dicembre 16, 2016 ✈

Good evening!

Today it has been a year since I started this job.
It has been a really amazing year. It went by in a moment.
It has  probably been the most exciting and fulfilling year in my life.
To tell you the truth, one year ago, today, I never thought that I would have been involved in various jobs like this.
I really have to thank a lot of people.
To best honest, during training, I was often discouraged, depressed and frustrated. Still, it was fun, I believe thanks to those who have truly supported me for what I've done.
Thank you, once again.
The works that I've played have been loved and appreciated by many people. 
I never thought I could ease myself into this job so quickly, and I do mean to apply my best effort to any assignments I get going foward. And I'll be happy if you continue supporting me, Akazawa Ryotaro, in the future.

Thank you in advance!
See you,

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